New Coin Listing Promotion

We are open for listing promotion now. All application will get listing in Cryptopocket Multi CryptoCurrency Wallet apps too! In order to apply for listing your Cryptocurrency or re-apply please read listing policy, as well as delisting policy, and, if agreed, proceed to follow the Instructions below:

Listing application proecedures
We strictly recommend to register the special email address for the Cryptocurrency project and not to use any personal emails while applying for list.

- Remember and backup your passphrase code (phrase/word), specified by you in the Listing request form.

- The listing price promotion is 0.6BTC for promotion period now starting from 1 September 2019 until further announcement. 

- Any discussions of listing details between users and representatives of the Exchange in publics channels (and social media), chat-services are strictly forbidden. The violation of this rule will result in the rejection of the listing application form.

- Any official correspondence upon this matter is conducted by means of the official email of domain The secret passphrase must be specified in any message between participants. All applicants’ messages without their  will be copassphrase code considered as untrusted. If an applicant for some reasons doesn’t have a secret code, the applicant should re-apply for the listing to avoid incidents.

- The application processing takes up to 2 working days. In case of approval of your listing request, ezbitx authority will contact you. If your request is not responded within 5 days, it means your application has been rejected.  Please, notice: the service reserves the right not to explain the reasons of rejection.

- After the approval of the listing application form, if a Cryptocurrency developer is reported as left his/her project and does not respond during 7 days since the date of the message sent by the Service official, the Cryptocurrency project is considered as abandoned.


For fast respond, you can register an account in and leave your message in comment below. Our representative will answer your request and will send coin requirement for listing. 

Thank you and have a nice day!